Offline request from Will

UrLocalGuru 2 months ago updated 4 weeks ago 2
Could you guys offer a Combine Overlay similar to Rotate but instead of cycling through it would just display all overlays rendered at once in a single master overlay. Even just within the Botismo environment I could be running 8 overlays for the functionality built into your system.. much less if I am pulling anything additional from another overlay provider. Each overlay causes OBS to run a separate browser instance which after even just a few can start causing performance issues.

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Alternatively, have you checked out our Stream Frames? It has several overlay elements baked in.

Yes I know about the Stream Frames, they are interesting but don't quite fit my desired setup.

Also can we rename this topic.. I believe it would be hard to get any 'Votes' given the current title.. I dont seem to be able to edit the original post in any way... which may be expected of course.  A new title of 'Combine Overlays like Rotate Overlays' would probably be more helpful