Ability to Configure More Default Command Settings

gozen729 8 months ago updated by Nekiy2 7 months ago 1

If possible, I would like the ability to have more configuration settings for the default (built-in) commands.

Currently we have the ability to set the minimum permissions, or the ability to disable the commands completely, for default commands.  In addition to this, other configurable options I would like to see for each default command would include:

  • Ability to select which platform the default commands will function on. (Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Discord)
  • Ability to set/assign aliases to default commands.
  • Ability to show/hide default commands on the public command page. (Currently they are not visible on the public command page.)
  • Ability to set the option to match anywhere for default commands.
  • Ability to set the option to respond to a user with a whisper (direct message).  Currently if someone runs a command to check their currency amount, !currencyname, Botisimo responds to the user via a whisper/direct message on Twitch and Mixer, but on YouTube the receive a public response in the chat with their currency amount as YouTube does not support whispers/DMs.  I would like to set the currency check command to reply to users on all platforms in the public chat instead of via a whisper/DM.

Thank you.

Add option translate messeges like (you don't have enough golfrags...) or use custom messeges