a way to exclude/specify words from the call command

Jacob Alcock 2 weeks ago 0


Basically im getting revenge on dadbot lovers with even more annoying responses that are considerably more creative

For this specific issue, I would like botisimo to return a selection of pictures of hay bales every time someone says "hey" as a pun.

but if i set it to read anywhere in the message, it also registers words like THEY as HEY.

My Request

can we have a way to register only a word (such as HEY) or even exclude certain words (like THEY) - when the word specified is contained in another - while still allowing the response in global message content?


I have Idiot, More On, Moron, Oof, Pun, and more all returning a random selection of gifs, memes and one liners all called from the above words/phrases

**From Support Email:**

Thank you for reaching out! I relayed your request to our development team and here is what they told me:

"The short answer is no, it is not possible. In order to achieve this we would need to add another variable like "$(message)" so that you could check the entire message yourself using javascript."

We're always looking for ways to add to the Bot, so I suggest submitting a feature request for this variable on the feature request forum