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Auto hosting support for mixer and twitch

Mithradatum 2 months ago 0

The ability to have a list of streamers to automatically host on platforms directed by the bot, which can also change hosts on a time interval (I. E. Every 30 minutes regardless of online status) or when the streamer goes offline. This would be most important for Mixer, which has no feature like this at this time, and has already been implemented by Mix It Up bot. I have not seen cloud based bots implement this for mixer. 


Options for Setting Both Global and User Cooldown on Custom and Default Commands

gozen729 2 months ago 0

For both custom commands and default commands, the option to be able to set a global cooldown and a user cooldown (in seconds) on each individual command would be great.  This way either the entire chat, due to global cooldown, would not be able to call a command again until the time expires, or a specific user would not be able to call a specific command until the user cooldown has expired. 


Host streams

Le3viathan 3 months ago 0

For mixer and twitch streamers can you’ll do a auto host for us randomly for 30m then move on to another streamer?!!!


Add variable $(usertype)

rudenko.greg 7 months ago updated by Botisimo 7 months ago 3

For select/filter user by user type (regular, subscriber, casual, moderator) add variable $(usertype)

Botisimo 7 months ago

I have added a $(usertype) variable https://botisimo.com/docs/variables


Ability to Set Cost Options, Based on Individual Permissions, on Custom, Default, and Song Request Commands

gozen729 2 months ago 0

For custom and default commands, if cost options could be set for each individual permission level (moderator, subscriber, regular, and everyone/base) that would be nice.  The song request feature already as the ability to set a general cost for all permission levels, but not on an individual level basis. 

Thank you.


Ability to Configure More Default Command Settings

gozen729 2 months ago updated by Nekiy2 1 month ago 1

If possible, I would like the ability to have more configuration settings for the default (built-in) commands.

Currently we have the ability to set the minimum permissions, or the ability to disable the commands completely, for default commands.  In addition to this, other configurable options I would like to see for each default command would include:

  • Ability to select which platform the default commands will function on. (Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Discord)
  • Ability to set/assign aliases to default commands.
  • Ability to show/hide default commands on the public command page. (Currently they are not visible on the public command page.)
  • Ability to set the option to match anywhere for default commands.
  • Ability to set the option to respond to a user with a whisper (direct message).  Currently if someone runs a command to check their currency amount, !currencyname, Botisimo responds to the user via a whisper/direct message on Twitch and Mixer, but on YouTube the receive a public response in the chat with their currency amount as YouTube does not support whispers/DMs.  I would like to set the currency check command to reply to users on all platforms in the public chat instead of via a whisper/DM.

Thank you.


Expand Store

Game kNight Plays 5 months ago updated by Botisimo 2 months ago 3

I love the store - it enables us as streamers to give something back to our viewers.

The problem is, it is very limited at the moment, so I suggest these changes to the store:
* Allow us to set a custom !buy <item> command, instead of 1, 2 etc.

* Allow us to limit a reward to a certain amount

* Allow us to limit rewards to a certain type (eg. regulars/subs etc.)

* Allow us to allow custom text when people buy an item eg. !buy <item> <message>
* Allow us to attach an image to the store item

* Give us an overlay option, so we can show when something is bought in the store (displaying the image attached if any)
* I would like to be able to sort the purchases in the store

Thanks for reading - upvote!


Currency Import

Utility 5 months ago updated by Botisimo 4 months ago 4

I don't believe there's currently a way, but there should be. People with preexisting currencies from other bots, that can export a CSV, should be able to import it into Botisimo. It would make the swap that much easier.


spin the wheel

shawn butts 6 months ago 0

overlay that it controlled by the streamer and the chat

!spinthewheel by the streamer would initial at it

!spin by a chat member adds extends the spin by "1"

!breaks by a chat member shortens the spin by "1"

command names probably needs some work and/or need to be setable.  but i think you get the idea.


Addition of a Max Duration Option for Song Requests & More Song Request Options

gozen729 2 months ago 0

If possible, I would love a setting for song requests (music settings) that would limit the maximum duration of a request that can be submitted.  For example, it would be great if I could set a limit of 300 seconds for requests.  If someone tries to add a YouTube video/song that exceeds 300 seconds, then Botisimo would reply that the song requested was over the set duration and was not added to the queue.

Additional song request settings that would also be nice to have would include:

    • Ability to set minimum permission for who can call the !songrequest/!sr commands.
    • Ability to set the queue limit/length.  For example the queue cannot have more than a set value of songs in it at a given time.
    • Ability to set a type of spam security.  For example requested songs/videos will only be added if they meet a certain threshold of likes versus dislikes and/or they video has a certain number of total views.
    • Ability to set a value that allows viewers to vote to skip a song that is currently playing.  If enough viewers vote in chat to skip a song, then the song is automatically skipped.
    • Ability for songs to automatically start playing once a song is requested.  It seems that if the queue is empty and someone puts a song in the queue, it will not start playing automatically until I press the play button or execute a !nextsong/!ns command.

    Thank you.