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Suggested Features/Tweaks for Overlays

Drakku3690 2 years ago updated by Elise A. (Admin) 1 year ago 4

Just a few suggestions for the Overlays that would be helpful:

- EVENTS: The ability to change the font size/color of the text, OR: to add a drop shadow so the font is more legible when shown over a graphic background.
- EVENTS: Hosting the sound file directly, so as to minimize/negate the lag between the event showing and the sound associated. (I personally have had no issue with the image, but the sound rarely, if ever, plays.)

- ALL: More customization in the way of an optional background, font choice, layout, etc., would go a long way.


Auto hosting support for mixer and twitch

Mithradatum 2 years ago updated by Oscar A. (Owner) 11 months ago 1

The ability to have a list of streamers to automatically host on platforms directed by the bot, which can also change hosts on a time interval (I. E. Every 30 minutes regardless of online status) or when the streamer goes offline. This would be most important for Mixer, which has no feature like this at this time, and has already been implemented by Mix It Up bot. I have not seen cloud based bots implement this for mixer. 


Trovo.Live & Theta.Tv Bot

TKDxGaming 10 months ago updated by Oscar A. (Owner) 4 months ago 1

Hi I'm a Streamer for almost all the streaming sites. There's only one problem!! I have duplicate Txt and It's annoying an very unprofessional. So if you could please HELP Develop This ASAP, it would be a GOD send!! 

I have a few bots now for those sites( Not Many Out There. Like Total of 4 Max 3 for Theta and 1 Unofficial Trovo Bot) But I would hope since you guys are amazing. You Guys could develop something that's easy and 100% Functional!! 

Plus make a ton of Cash. People Love Simplicity like myself. So If you guys could I would Love You Guys Even More!!


Options for Setting Both Global and User Cooldown on Custom and Default Commands

gozen729 2 years ago updated by Elise A. (Admin) 1 year ago 3

For both custom commands and default commands, the option to be able to set a global cooldown and a user cooldown (in seconds) on each individual command would be great.  This way either the entire chat, due to global cooldown, would not be able to call a command again until the time expires, or a specific user would not be able to call a specific command until the user cooldown has expired. 

Elise A. (Admin) 1 year ago

This feature exists. I have updated the docs to include more detailed info on options available https://docs.botisimo.com/en/latest/directives/cooldown.html


add sounds to chat announcements (welcome new users)

bad.karma.drone 10 months ago 0

Please consider adding sounds to Chat Announcements (welcome new users). It would be nice to have a .mp3 file play when a new user enters the chat.

Thank you for your time..


Dlive API

Loud_Lou 2 years ago updated by Oscar A. (Owner) 4 months ago 7

Im curious why this bot is not utilizing the Dlive api for chat: https://docs.dlive.tv/api/.  Is there plans in the near future?


Currency Import

Utility 2 years ago updated by Francisco R 6 months ago 5

I don't believe there's currently a way, but there should be. People with preexisting currencies from other bots, that can export a CSV, should be able to import it into Botisimo. It would make the swap that much easier.


Stream Lables

binaryatlas 4 months ago 0

I think a feature to pull user data as plain text would be useful. In many overlays, people want to add things like the latest follower or latest donation but place these individual pieces of information as text over the top of graphics. This is somewhat implemented with the event list. That data would need a way to be pulled out.


More control over currency / xp

KillerSneak 10 months ago 0

I would like the option to be able to have more control over the currency earnings.

# more control over the amount that can be earned.

# more control over who can earn currency (based on user level / subs only currency for example)

# xp levels and tittels (there’s absolutely no control or settings at all now?)


Merge users as streamer

dustyhansen 1 year ago 0

Asking users to enter multiple commands to link their discord, twitch, and mixer accounts is quite the pain and most aren't doing it. It would be so much easier if I, as the streamer, could just do it from the users tab since I see all of their user accounts there. 

Please add the ability to select multiple users across platforms and merge them together from the settings/back end side.